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I am a freelance consultant, and I do the things my clients ask me to, if I am able and available. These are my usual services:

Archival recording
Conservation planning
Conservation works
Design input
Expert evidence
Fabric survey
Heritage approval
Heritage listing

If you have a different assignment in mind, please ask me; I like challenges.

I enjoy my varied work, and the occasional accolades it brings. On other pages I explain how I work, the fees I charge, and some reasons why you should choose me for your project.

As a professional conservation practitioner I follow the precepts of the Burra charter and the ICOMOS ethical principles. As a registered architect I abide by the ethical and technical standards of that profession, and do the work architects do. See the Aus­tra­lian Institute of Architects website for more about architects and their services.



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Revised 5 February 2022