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How I work

I work solo. I have been a partner and director of a larger consulting practice. I know the benefits that come with a larger office, and I know the problems too.

I have the flexibility to do the projects that engage my interest and commitment. I don’t do as many projects as before, but I get to do the work myself instead of supervising other people. High quality work is the result.

My office is at my house, just across the river from the Brisbane CBD.

I work with a network of freelance collaborators​—​other architects, planners, designers, engineers, historians, materials conservators, photographers, building contractors and others. According to the needs of a project, I can be part of a team with just the right skills.

I'm well connected, with a fibre-optic internet connection. And I have a quiet shady verandah for meetings.

I maintain a specialist reference library, and good facilities for computing and photography.


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Revised 5 February 2022