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Peter Marquis-Kyle

The plain facts of my professional life are in my curriculum vitae. The mugshot gallery will help put a face to my name. For other perspectives, read on. 

Marking time is a page of short jottings, regularly refreshed. Older entries are shunted off to the archives. It's a blog. Read more about it.

Now for something more chronological:

The 2020s

The short autobio starts now, and goes backwards.

The 2010s

More lighthouses.

The 2000s

Some travelling, and the start of a lighthouse obsession.

The 1990s

A new business, and two new daughters!

The 1980s

Developing a conservation practice.

The 1970s

A time for studying, travelling and getting started in conservation.

The 1960s

Secondary school, a sabbatical, and a calling.

The 1950s

Growing up under the benign care of Mr Menzies.

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Revised 5 February 2022