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Here are some projects selected to show the range of work I do


To keep historic buildings useful, it may be necessary to modify them to accommodate new uses. In good conservation practice such changes are arranged to cause the least possible damage to the significance of the place.

Award winning

These are some of the projects that have been recognised by my peers in the profession of architecture, or the field of conservation

Government building

These are projects to conserve the stock of substantial government buildings​—​structures intended for a long and useful life, with something to say about the times in which they were built


My work protects the fabric of historic houses, and reveals the evidence of domestic life. But I don't work on houses that people still live in, as a rule.

Industrial site

Places of mining, manufacture, transport, or civic infrastructure


These projects involved the systematic collection and analysis of information about sets of numerous places or elements of places. These surveys led to practical conservation action.

Timber building

These projects cover a range from hand-made buildings of split and hewn logs, to more highly finished examples. The places reflect trade skills and forest resources that were once abundant, but are now rare.


Here is a collection of books, reports, articles, and web publications that I have written


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