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Expert evidence

I prefer to stay away from courts and legal processes. Good advice and reasonable negotiation could save you from those expensive and drawn-out distractions, if everything goes well.

But I am ready to work with the wheels of justice, if it comes to that. Writing reports that are clear and precise, and presenting evidence in court, are good tests of my knowledge, experience and judgement. I’m up for it.

‘The North Sea inquiry: a Hull fisherman giving evidence before the com­mis­sion in Paris’, Black & White magazine, 4 February 1905. This scene at the inquiry into the Dogger Bank incident reminds me of a hearing of the Planning and Environment Court — a witness doing his best to explain some­thing clearly and precisely. Ordinary witnesses are meant to keep to the facts. Expert witnesses are expected to express and explain their opinions.

Projects involving expert evidence

Former Cairns Courthouse
My expert advice and reports were used in several court cases about the care of this building.

Blog posts about expert evidence

Okinawa Dugong v Rumsfeld
A judge has ruled that the US Defence Department must consider the fate of the dugong in plans to build...


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