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About marking time

The little metronome stands for the relentless passing of time. On this page the image is animated, to rub the message in.

Marking time can mean waiting idly for something to happen. The name alludes to the time one can waste by writing (or reading) a weblog. I am guilty of this, but it's a small mis­de­meanour.

I do it for recreation. I don't take it seriously. If I find something delightful, I might write about it. There is no plan to what I do, and no discipline except writing clean prose. I enjoy making each little piece and sending it off​—​a paragraph or two, and usually a small image.

Since 2002 I have used Movable Type to keep the daily pieces in a MySQL database on the server and generate all the pages. This is a brilliant system​—​I am very grateful to Ben and Mena Trott for developing this fine software, and to the community of sup­port­ers who write free plugins for it.

I'm happy to mark time on my own​—​and happier still to have a conversation about it. So please get in touch if you have a com­ment to make. See my post: What you can do with your com­ments.


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Revised 5 February 2022

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