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The 1990s

A new business, and two new daughters!


Sally, born 2 February 1999, asleep on my lap

Good news and bad news. Our daughter Sally was born. I caught the Ross River virus, leaving a huge burden for my partner Margie to carry.


I set up a new practice, and this web site.


I parted, on friendly terms, from Allom Lovell Marquis-Kyle.  The practice continued as Allom Lovell sans Marquis-Kyle.


Lucy, born 20 June 1996

The National Trust for Scotland asked me to speak at a conference. Margie and I visited England, Scotland and Italy. Our daughter Lucy was born, the day before my 47th birthday.


A clever add-on at the Sandgate Town Hall scored an award.


We sat and talked to people about the significance of Musgrave Park. Our report helped settle a stand-off about Murri people's interest in the park. Every Brisbane City Councillor voted to support an Aboriginal Cultural Centre there.


Interesting work in north Queensland: Studies of the city of Cairns and and the Chillagoe copper smelter site. The Chillagoe study won a National Trust award.


The book The illustrated Burra charter: making good decisions about the care of important places was published. It sold well and won several National Trust awards.


With Margie, I visited Singapore and Indonesia.


The new Labor government brought a change in political atmosphere in Queensland. I helped organise the Heritage Futures for Queensland conference. Various notables spoke, including Minister for Environment Pat Comben. Soon afterwards he introduced the Heritage buildings protection act.


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