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The 2000s

Some travelling, a book, and some lighthouses.


A variety of town and country projects, and another trip to New Zealand.


I began another stint as a member of the Queensland Heritage Council.


More lighthouses...


I started a major project, to survey the condition of 58 Australian lighthouses.


The Illustrated Burra Charter picked up a bunch of awards.


The Illustrated Burra Charter was finally published.

My family and I had a sabbatical in New Zealand, and I kept a photoblog called House swapping.


There were some heavy binges of work on the revised edition of the Illustrated Burra Charter, with Meredith Walker.


I did a variety of work around Brisbane, with a spell out west.


I started to get healthy and busy again. Then I tumbled off a scaffold and broke a collar bone.

I added The ironic column to this website​—​a collection of writings about architecture, places, objects and people.

Later in the year I experimented with blogging software and set up Marking time.


Skywriting for reconciliation walk, Brisbane, 4 June 2000

I avoided the y2k bug, but had chronic fatigue after the Ross River Virus. I cut back on consulting jobs, but kept up my work on the Queensland Heritage Council.


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