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The ironic column

The ironic column

From time to time I used to write notes and oddments, and add them to this page. The ironic column was gradually superseded by Marking time.

30 April 2005

Feeling that I’m being Googled

An odd collection of Google searches that lead to this website.

14 December 2004

Bad business at Thor’s Gym

Some lessons about how a business should (or should not) develop a relationship with a customer.

17 January 2002

Counterpunch: making movable type

In his book Counterpunch: making type in the sixteenth century: designing typefaces now the Dutch typographer Fred Smeijers tells how the pioneers of metal printing type adapted the technology of metal working and the aesthetics of lettering to make something new...

7 May 2001

Shadows of Tom Roberts

I'm just back from the second Tom Roberts Festival at Inverell in northern New South Wales. The festival celebrates the painter Tom Roberts and his connections with the Inverell district...

2 March 2001

Web display cases

I'm a museum junkie. I love being around things that speak to me. It's my pleasure to look at them closely, to meet them one-to-one. I even do it in a virtual way, through web sites that display artefacts. Let's call them web display cases...

6 February 2001

Hoc monumentum...

The English architect Quinlan Terry is a remarkable classicist, a throwback to a mode of architecture that all but disappeared some generations ago. ...  Terry knows his architecture well enough (and his Latin) to crack a joke with a column and an inscription...

20 January 2001

Visiting Gracemere

Last July Thom Blake and I visited Gracemere, the homestead built by the Archer brothers in the 1850s. This visit was part of our study of Queensland timber buildings from the time before sawmills...

15 January 2001

Russell Hall's ironic order

This building is the source of the column that I use as the ironic column logo. It's a refurbished 1960s shop and office building in the West End shopping centre, near where I live in Brisbane...

1 January 2001

What this column stands for

This column stands for not taking oneself too seriously. It is erected to further my new year's resolution to keep this web site fresh and readable...


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