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Other stuff

Mostly copies of obscure but useful documents.

A visit to the Eddystone Lighthouse

An article published in the Strand Magazine in 1892.

Alguada Reef Lighthouse

Journal page

An article published in the journal Engineering in 1866.

Timber price lists

Hancock Bros, 1935 Vanderfield & Reid, 1934

A small collection of digitised timber merchants' catalogues.

Lunasix 3 instruction manual

For those who have a Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter, but who don't have the instruction manual. Read it page by page, or all together in pdf format.

Record multi-plane manual

For wood workers and tool collectors, a downloadable instruction manual for the Record No 405 multi-plane. This tool is an English copy of the original Stanley 45 combination plane. The instructions in this manual will work for the Stanley 45 too.

Woodhead flooring cramps

Photo of flooring cramp

A range of carpenters’ tools designed, patented, and manufactured in Brisbane

Nikon NH-9 lens hood

For devotees of the old Canon FD camera system: Information about a 72mm screw-in lens hood, designed for the Nikkor 28mm PC lens, but a useful alternative to the hard-to-get Canon BW-72 hood.

Herreshoff’s table

A copy of a design for a yacht designer’s drawing bench, designed by L Francis Herreshoff and documented by Uffa Fox.

Tools from Rwanda

A group of woodworking tools collected and described by Hans Muller.

St Helena Island: assessment and conservation of structures

A paper I presented to a meeting of the Institution of Engineers of Australia (Queensland Division), later published in their Technical papers, Vol 28, 1987.


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