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Nikon HN-9 lens hood

This is a tip for anyone who has been trying to find a Canon BW-72 lens hood. The BW-72 is no longer made, and is hard to find. It was designed to be used with the following Canon new FD (bayonet) mount camera lenses:






The tip is especially valuable if you have an older (breach mount) FD 17mm or 20mm lens, for which Canon never produced a lens hood.

Nikon HN-9 lens hood fitted to a 17mm Canon lens

The Nikon HN-9 lens hood is currently available. It is made to fit the PC Nikkor 28mm lens. It is round, made of light alloy, and made to screw into a 72mm filter thread. It might be slightly less convenient than a bayonet fitting hood, but I find it works well on my 17mm and 20-35mm Canon lenses (as well as on the PC Nikkor).

I don't remember what I paid for mine, but a Google search suggests you can buy a new one for under US $30. If you are searching for a genuine Canon BW-72, y0u could get one of these to use in the meantime.


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Revised 5 February 2022

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